Simple Wedding Dresses

For a less-is-more vibe, look no further than our selection of simple wedding dresses at True Society. Whether you seek a simple lace gown for a casual look, or simple long sleeves for a refined statement—these gowns were made to reveal your sleek and chic personality through an unbelievable range of minimalist styles.


And with so many of these incredible silhouettes available in plus sizes, you won’t believe how many options are available to you at True Society. That’s why we hope you’ll stop by to see for yourself—book your appointment today!


Simple Wedding Dresses

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where to find a simple wedding dress?

    Simple wedding dresses carry a timeless and minimalist design which can be found at most bridal boutiques all year round. Find a True Society bridal shop near you and bring some pictures of your favorite dresses to your appointment as inspiration and your stylist will help you find the perfect wedding gown within your budget.

  • How do I accessorize a simple wedding dress?

    Simple wedding dresses are the perfect base for accessories because its minimalist design serves as a canvas for more extravagant accessories. Pair the dress with a classy veil and some jewelry, or let your natural beauty accent the gown! See our accessories page to discover more ways to accent your dress.

  • What is a simple wedding dress?

    A simple wedding dress is a style of dress that typically only includes a single type of fabric, like satin, that has minimal additional features such as lace or beading added to it. These bridal gowns are an excellent foundation for more eccentric or detailed accessories. A simple dress works perfect with any style of wedding from a casual outdoor wedding during the summer or a modern and classy wedding. By wearing a more simple dress, this allows the decor, venue, or the bride herself to be the focal point. For brides on a budget looking for a cheaper and affordable option to some of the more intricate wedding dresses, as well as providing simple beauty for more sophisticated ceremonies, you can't go wrong with this style. Schedule an appointment near you to find the perfect simple wedding dress for your special day!

  • What do I wear under a simple wedding dress?

    Like with other gown styles, there are a variety of of undergarments and shapewear that could be worn under your simple wedding dress. Consult your bridal stylist and they'll make sure you're aware of all the options you have that will work best with your gown and the gown's silhouette.