Beach Wedding Dresses

For a seaside state of mind, you can find the perfect beach wedding dress right here in Kansas City. Our beach-inspired gowns feature lightweight chiffon and tulle finishes for that effortless, flowy feel—perfect for a breezy night on sandy shores.


Seeing your favorite dress online is one way to fall in love—but there’s something about seeing it on you. Thanks to our highly inclusive design assortment, we’ve got beach styles of every kind in sizes 2-34 for you to try. Whether you are the simple beach bride, the boho beach bride, or just want to turn heads at your destination wedding.


Beach Wedding Dresses

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I buy a beach wedding dress anywhere?

    Yes, you can buy a beach wedding dress anywhere! Our True Society bridal shops offer a wide selection of wedding dresses for any type of wedding destination, even if you are planning a beach wedding. Check out our location page to schedule an appointment at a bridal shop near you, and let the beach wedding dress try on begin.

  • Are beach wedding dresses affordable?

    Yes, beach wedding dresses can be affordable. Our True Society bridal shops offer a wide variety of dresses that can accommodate any budget. When booking an appointment make sure to note your gown budget and that you're planning a beach wedding and your bridal consultant will be able to work with you to find what you need.

  • What shoes should I wear for my beach wedding?

    If there was a ever a time to ditch the heels, beach weddings are a prime opportunity to do that as heels will easily sink in sand. Although you can stick to heels if you'd like, beach weddings are usually more informal and offer a perfect setting to try something new. Wearing sandals or flip flops can be very comfortable and great looking alternatives when walking down that summer sandy aisle. To go for a truly boho look, you can even go barefoot or wear barefoot sandals!

  • How do I do a beach wedding?

    The beauty of a beach wedding is how informal and adaptable they can be! There is no wrong way to do a beach wedding but there are some things worth considering when planning ahead. When planning a beach wedding, consider the accessibility of the location to guests, hotel and travel costs, hurricane/rainy season, and local wedding regulations. When getting married on a beach out of the country, some countries have strict guidelines for legal ceremonies for non residents. If you choose to get married on a foreign beach, many resorts offer pre-set wedding packages and wedding planners to make prepping and planning a beach wedding as easy as possible.

  • What makes a good beach wedding dress?

    Depending on the location and the weather, the ideal wedding dress will vary but there are some general things you'll want to look for in a dress when planning a beach wedding. Breathable and comfortable fabrics is a must for weddings during the summer where the humidity and temperatures are high. Lightweight silk or chiffon bridal gowns with lace will help keep you cool while adding flare to your dress. Also consider where you are walking down the aisle, and what you are walking on. If walking on the sand, gowns with large trains may drag in the sand; however, if you are walking down a runner, a gown with a large train might make that extra statement you are looking for. For some casual wedding dress ideas be sure to read our blog on beach wedding dresses.