Boho Wedding Dresses

Bold, ethereal, effortless. With designs inspired by exotic destinations and your adventurous heart, our bohemian wedding dress styles evoke a whimsical, all-natural beauty that goes wherever your romance takes you.


As delicate as they are daring, our boho wedding dress styles inspire the adventurer within. Fall in love with low-skimming backs and lace-embellished cutouts that reveal your wild side, while sweeping chiffons and dreamy hemlines breathe with movement at your every turn. Discover handcrafted details that embrace and celebrate your beauty in its most natural state—the way it was always meant to be.


Boho Wedding Dresses

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a boho style wedding dress?

    A boho (bohemian) wedding dress is a style born out of the desire to have a dress not seen as traditional and typically has more graphic and unique elements. These types of boho wedding dresses often include more large scale lace designs and not usually seen in traditional bridal gowns. To see some for yourself, come try on the best boho dresses True Society has to offer with our bohemian inspired label, All Who Wander.

  • How do I have a boho wedding?

    There are plenty of ways to plan the boho wedding of your dreams. Boho weddings are typically much more relaxed which is what makes them so popular. Using and emphasizing more natural and free spirited bohemian decor, such as pampas grass or peacock chairs, can help step up your boho wedding to the next level. You can also consider wearing a veil alternative, such as hair pins or a wide brimmed hat.

  • What shoes and accessories go with boho wedding dresses?

    The laid-back and free spirited vibe of a boho wedding dress allows for more freedom when it comes to shoes and bridal accessories. From sandals and feathered arm cuffs, to barefoot sandals and floral crowns, there are plenty of options that can go with your boho bridal gown. When scheduling your appointment to try on gowns, be sure to let your bridal stylist know you are planning a bohemian wedding and they will be sure to provide ideas on accessories you can incorporate into your wedding day look.