Affordable Wedding Dresses

Brides can find the wedding dress of their dreams at True Society, no matter their budget. Our goal is to offer you the bridal look you’ve always imagined at a price you can afford, and our designers make this possible! We offer a wide selection of affordable wedding dresses that are as fashionable as they are inexpensive.


Affordable Wedding Dresses

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I find an affordable wedding dress?

    At True Society, we make finding an affordable wedding dress easy. Simply talk to your stylist about your budget before your appointment, and they’ll be sure to only bring you dresses within your desired price range.

  • How do I get the best deal on a wedding gown?

    We’ll do everything we can to make sure you can achieve your ultimate bridal vision at the price you want. When you talk to your stylist about your budget and start shopping, they will be able to offer special insights and tips on how you may be able to switch up a fabric, accessory or dress detail that can end up saving you more money!

  • Can I have a luxury wedding on a budget?

    Absolutely. We are all about luxury on a budget and have several affordable wedding dress options available. Our on-trend affordable wedding gowns are updated every season with gorgeous fabrics and embellishments, all while crafted with the finest construction to ensure a perfect fit on every size and shape. You’ll be surprised at how much you end up saving when you shop with us—and how much you’ll have leftover to create the wedding day of your dreams!

  • What are some affordable venues to get married?

    As smaller, more intimate ceremonies continue to increase in popularity, the options are really opening up for affordable venues. Having your wedding during off-season months is one way to save big on popular event spaces. Search online reviews for affordable venues in your area, and consider booking on a Friday or Sunday to save even more! Also, backyard weddings give you all the freedom with setting a date—plus plenty of space in your budget to plan some really jaw-dropping themes and decorations!