True Bride Sofie & Silvana  

Step into the enchanting summer celebration of two star-crossed lovers, Sofie and Silvana. A Facebook message, a couple of years and a heartfelt proposal later, our True Brides tied the knot at the magical castle Rånäs Slott

At True Society in Zug, Sofie embarked on a quest to fulfill her bridal dreams. 

Essense of Australia Style D3715 stole her heart and Sofie knew that the lace, long sleeve A-line gown was the one. Her wife, Silvana, said “I do” in an elegant, customized suit. 

In the enchanting scenery of Sweden’s Roslagen, the couple welcomed their loved ones into a three-day-long fairy tale wedding weekend. From a first dance under a starlit sky, a late-night swim in the lake and an amazing drag queen performance, every moment was a testament to true love’s magic. Follow along for an epic party filled with laughter and fun memories that will last a lifetime. 


Silvana is the star-crossed love of my life. We met in Sweden. She spent four years there, playing floor ball on a professional level. I went to a couple of her games, saw her on the court and decided to send her a message on Facebook. Old-school, I know. Not only was she the best-looking person I’d ever seen, but there was also something about her that I just couldn’t stop thinking about.  

Sending the Facebook message was a bold move and nothing that the adult version of me would have been brave enough to do. I guess I owe that to my teenage self, who thought she was invincible. Years went by and the timing for us was never right until it finally was. I moved to Switzerland and the rest is history.  

In December of 2021, Silvana proposed. She prepared a video with clips and photos of us, with the screenshot of how I first started the conversation back in 2014. Silvana made the video with a voice-over where she told our full love story. I had to re-watch it several times as I cried too hard to properly see the screen the first time. 


I spent such a magical day at True Society in Zug! Accompanied by one of my best friends and one of our bridesmaids, we took on the mission to find my dream  wedding dress. 

The first dress I tried on, Essense of Australia Style D3715, was the one I wore on my wedding day. It sounds cliché, but it was love at first sight. I’m a classic girl. I didn’t want my gown to be too much, but still, if there’s a time in my life where I wanted to feel like a princess, it’s on my wedding day. 

I couldn’t be happier about how everything played out. The dress was so me – simple, yet elegant and timeless. Satin met lace in the most beautiful way and with the slight assistance of a great tailor, we managed to put the cherry on top by customizing it to fit my body perfectly.  
My wife had a tailor customize a full suit for her and it turned out amazing. I think I’m speaking for both of us, when I say that we’ve never felt more beautiful in our lives. Truth be told, I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to top it. 


Our three days at the castle Rånäs Slott were by far the best days of my life.  

We didn’t want a traditional wedding, but a big celebration with the people we love the most. We had booked the entire castle, including the rooms of our guests, as a gift for celebrating our love with us. 

Our first day was spent with our closest loved ones and the bridal party. There were roughly 45 people who checked in at the castle on the day before the wedding. Rånäs Slott is located by a lake in the beautiful area of Roslagen, just half an hour from the Arlanda airport in Sweden. That was practical, as half of our wedding guests were travelling from Switzerland.  

We started the evening with a toast, our glasses filled to the top with champagne and our stomachs with butterflies, to then move on to a big barbecue dinner, which later turned into a pre-party with drinking, swimming, a sauna, stand-up paddling and dancing. The party went on until dawn and we stayed until the very end. It’s an absolute understatement to say that we woke up with a headache, but it was worth it.  

Early morning on our wedding day, the staff at the castle raised the pride flag for us into the bright blue summer sky and the wedding preparations began. Silvana and I had breakfast together before we parted ways. I went back to the wedding suite to get ready with my girls and she went to another suite to get ready with her best men and best woman.  

After we danced and sang to ABBA, got our hair and makeup done, drank a couple of glasses of champagne and were dressed, we were ready for our first look. It was a magical and breathtaking moment.  

Around this time, the other guests started arriving at the castle to check in and get ready for the ceremony. The ceremony was the most traditional part of our wedding, the rest wasn’t necessarily by the books, which is exactly how we wanted it.  

After the ceremony, we were greeted with cheerful shouting, applause and happy music while rose leaves and soap bubbles rained down on us as we walked out the doors to the terrace for some mingling and champagne.  

Later, we entered the castle again for dinner. The second the dinner started, the party was back on. We danced on chairs, raised our glasses to the sky, sang, laughed, cried and then laughed some more.  

After dinner, we went outside for the first dance and the cake. While we danced to Ed Sheeran’s song Thinking Out Loud, our guests sent up lanterns to a sky full of stars. It was magical.  

We wanted to do something special to mark the end of the dinner and beginning of the party. As soon as the song ended, loud music started playing again and out through the castle’s double doors came the staff with shot trays, followed by our drag queen, Oh Beverly!  

One of our best friends, Mikey, also does drag and of course we asked him to perform at our wedding. He did a mashup of everything from ABBA to Loreen, and there wasn’t a single person who wasn’t singing or dancing along. 

After Mikey’s amazing performance, our DJs Two Dudes started blasting even louder music and made us feel like we were attending an actual concert. 

At roughly 3:30 a.m., the party ended and I’m not kidding when I say that I danced until my feet started bleeding. Many guests decided to swim in the lake before finally going to bed. 

The day after our wedding, we had brunch with all guests before saying goodbye. The second the staff took down the pride flag, it started pouring. I guess we were all crying over the end of our castle fairy tale, including the sky. 

Cheers to Sofie & Silvana!     


Photography: Anna Ejemo 

Videography: Nicklas Locksen 

Venue: Rånäs Slott 

Wedding Planer: Jonna Lindberg 

Hair and Makeup: Sara Ollinen 

Florist: Ellen Paulson from Concept Stories 

Design and Print: OH HAPPY! 

DJ: Two Dudes 

Drag Queen: Oh! Beverly 

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