From Classic to Modern: Explore the Charm of Modest Bridal Gowns

modest wedding dresses header im age - siena by All Who Wander and 1517 by Martina Liana

Elegance meets tradition: Modest wedding gowns embrace a sense of grace and unassuming beauty, allowing brides to feel both sophisticated and beautiful on their special day. Let’s explore the charm of modest bridal gowns. 

What is a Modest Wedding Dress?  

A modest wedding dress is a gown that embraces a more conservative style, providing coverage and adhering to a traditional design. These wedding dresses are often chosen by brides who want to honor their personal beliefs, religious or cultural traditions or simply prefer a more modest aesthetic.  

Modest wedding dresses typically feature elements such as higher necklines, longer sleeves and longer hemlines. This allows brides to feel elegant and sophisticated, while maintaining a sense of modesty.  

Can I Alter a Modest Wedding Dress? 

It’s possible to alter our Martina Liana custom gowns to create your dream modest wedding dress. Discuss the specific alterations you would like to make with your True Crew bridal stylist to ensure that the alterations can be done without compromising the integrity of the dress. 

What Wedding Venues Require a Modest Wedding Dress? 

Wedding venues that require a modest wedding dress can vary based on religious or cultural traditions and may have guidelines or requirements for modest attire. These venues will likely provide you with any guidelines pertaining to the wedding dress. 

However, not all wedding venues require a modest wedding dress. Many venues are flexible and allow brides to choose a dress that reflects their personal style, regardless of modesty. It’s essential to have open communication and respect for the guidelines set by the venue or the couple to enjoy a harmonious and meaningful celebration. 

Are All Modest Wedding Dresses Simple and Unembellished? 

Not all modest wedding dresses are simple and unembellished. Brides may opt for minimalist designs with clean lines and fluid silhouettes. Meanwhile, others may choose wedding dresses with eye-catching embellishments, dramatic cape gowns or vintage-inspired elements. Details like buttons, lace motifs and pockets can instantly transform an unembellished gown into a statement piece, adding a touch of individuality and personality to the dress. 

The style and silhouette of a modest wedding dress can also be influenced by its fabric. Fabrics like Mikado are better suited for structured designs, while others like lace and tulle are ideal for light and flowy modest looks. This allows brides to find a modest wedding dress that reflects their personal style and vision for their special day. 

Our True Crew has selected their favorite modest wedding gown styles that are sure to capture the essence of your love story. 

Modest Lace Wedding Dress 

modest lace long sleeve wedding dress with high neck - 7670 by Stella York
modest a-line wedding dress with train and long sleeves - 7670 by Stella York

 Stella York Style 7670  

Explore modesty at its finest with Style 7670, a romantic masterpiece that effortlessly merges classic charm with contemporary elegance. This modest long sleeve lace A-line wedding dress features a captivating high neckline adorned with delicate three-dimensional floral lace. The form-fitting sweetheart inner bodice with organza underlay adds a sophisticated flair, while a row of fabric-covered buttons gracefully trails down the back to the sweeping cathedral train.  

The grand finale awaits as the matte Mikado A-line skirt unfolds, creating a regal and enchanting bridal look. This gown is available in plus sizes, ensuring that every bride embraces their beauty on their special day. 

Modest High Neck Wedding Gown 

modest high neck wedding dress with a-line skirt - D3929 by Essense of Australia
vintage lace wedding dress with high neck - D3929 by Essense of Australia

Essense of Australia Style D3929 

Prepare to captivate hearts in Style D3929, the embodiment of vintage romance and grace. With its romantic lace A-line silhouette and high illusion neckline, this wedding gown will make a statement as you walk down the aisle. Delicate lace cap sleeves and sheer graphic lace motifs add a touch of enchantment, leading to a daring plunging neckline that will leave your partner breathless.  

The natural waist flawlessly transitions to a shimmering A-line skirt crafted from glitter tulle, adorned with scattered lace appliqué details that sparkle with every step. This design flawlessly combines classic princess style with contemporary elements, ensuring a look that exudes modern bridal glamour on your special day. Get ready to shine like a star on your big day. 

Modest Long Sleeve Wedding Dress 

high neck lace long sleeve ballgown wedding dress - 1517 by Martina Liana
lace long sleeve wedding dress with high neck - 1517 by Martina Liana

Martina Liana Style 1517 

Romance meets chic couture in Style 1517. Delicate lace florals adorn this long-sleeve A-line wedding dress, while a high neckline and elegant lace sleeves exude modest elegance. The corset-style bodice and sweetheart neckline beneath add a sophisticated touch.  

With a row of fabric-covered buttons trailing down the back, this gown exudes timeless vintage charm. The classic A-line silhouette with 3D florals throughout creates a glamorous vision of bridal beauty on your most special day. 

Simple Modest Bridal Dress 

simple column wedding dress with long sleeves - siena by All Who Wander
simple sleek modest column wedding dress with open back - siena by All Who Wander

All Who Wander siena gown  

The siena gown is a modern boho masterpiece that will take your breath away. With its simple and chic design, this column wedding dress sets a true style statement. The long sleeves offer a fresh twist on the classic bishop sleeve, puffing at the shoulder and gathering at the vintage-inspired buttoned cuffs.  

The open V-neckline and squared open back add a touch of elegance, while the relaxed silhouette glides gracefully in luxurious liquid crepe fabric. For the bride with a fashion-forward and adventurous spirit, this gown holds all the magic you need for your special day. 

Modest Ballgown Wedding Dress with Keyhole Back  

lace long sleeve ballgown wedding dress - LE1128 by Martina Liana Luxe
lace high neck ballgown wedding dress with keyhole back - LE1128 by Martina Liana Luxe

Martina Liana Luxe Style LE1128  

Unveil elegance with Style LE1128. This high neck ballgown showcases cotton lace and long sleeves, creating a timeless masterpiece. The floating vintage-style floral laces adorn the sheer bodice, concentrated over the bust and waist for coverage with a bold effect. The lace continues over the sheer, long sleeves, creating a captivating tattoo-like effect.  

Crafted with soft cotton, the lace has a light and fresh matte look. Soft tulle with 3D embellishments adds a rich and ornate texture, complementing the classic design. With an unfinished hemline and cathedral-length train, this gown exudes effortless bridal beauty. This wedding dress is also available in plus sizes, ensuring that all brides get to embrace luxe bridal fashion.  

How to Accessorize Your Modest Wedding Dress 

Opt for accessories that enhance your personal style and complement the overall look of your modest wedding dress. Here are several options:  

  • Veils: Veils can add a touch of elegance and tradition to a modest wedding dress. Choose a veil that complements the style and silhouette of the dress. 
  • Hats or Tiaras: Hats or tiaras can be a stylish and unique accessory for a modest wedding dress. Consider a wide-brimmed hat or dazzling tiara to add a touch of sophistication. 
  • Eye-Catching Jewelry: Opt for eye-catching jewelry such as statement earrings or a bold necklace to add a touch of glamour to your modest wedding dress. 
  • Gloves: Gloves can be a classic and elegant accessory for a sleeveless, modest wedding dress. Choose gloves that complement the style and color of the dress. 

From their classic silhouettes to their intricate details, get ready to exude understated charm on your big day with a modest bridal gown. 

Find a True Society store near you and book an appointment to see our selection of modest wedding dresses! Selections vary per store. 

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