1664 - Martina Liana


Martina Liana

Opulent Silk Column Wedding Gown featuring Removable Off-the-Shoulder Long Sleeves

Elevate your bridal style with the enchanting charm of Style 1664. This gown radiates timeless elegance and contemporary couture design, creating a look that is both glamorous and refined. Long, slim sleeves, effortlessly detachable, grace the shoulders, adding a touch of glamour to the ensemble. A gracefully draped scoop neckline imparts a soft, romantic aura to this sophisticated column wedding gown. Stripped of excess ornamentation, the luxurious silk double crepe fabric takes center stage, allowing the bride to shine and transforming a simple column wedding gown into a lavish masterpiece. This is the perfect choice for the chic and fashion-forward bride seeking a blend of sophistication and modern appeal.

Silk Double Crepe

Detail Options:
No Beading

Fabric Colors Available:
Silk Ivory

ZP Only - Fabric Buttons

Product Options:
Dress Only
Dress and Sleeves

Detachable Silk Double Crepe Sleeves - ADONIS