Dive into Elegance: Our Favorite Mermaid Wedding Dresses 

Did someone say mermaid core? The captivating mermaid gown style effortlessly hugs your curves and accentuates your silhouette, making you feel like a true oceanic goddess on your special day. Let’s dive right in and explore the six gorgeous mermaid wedding dresses our True Crew selected for you. 

What is a Mermaid Wedding Dress? 

A mermaid wedding dress is fitted through the bodice, waist and hips. It flares out dramatically at or below the knee, resembling the shape of a mermaid’s tail. This silhouette is known for its form-fitting design that accentuates the curves of the body. Mermaid wedding dresses are often made with structured materials like satin, silk or lace. They can feature various necklines and sleeve styles. 

How does a Mermaid Wedding Dress Differ from a Trumpet Wedding Dress? 

While both mermaid and trumpet wedding dresses have a fitted bodice and a flared skirt, there are a few key differences between the two styles. The main difference lies in the flare of the skirt. Mermaid wedding dresses have a more dramatic and sudden flare, creating a contrast between the top and bottom halves of the dress.  

On the other hand, trumpet wedding dresses have a more gradual flare from the mid-thigh. Mermaid wedding dresses are also known to be more form-fitting, which may be a consideration for brides who plan to dance and twirl the night away on their special day. 

Why Choose a Mermaid Wedding Gown? 

When thinking about turning your mermaid wedding gown dreams into reality, keep these three selling points of this gown style in mind. 

  • Flattering Silhouette: The mermaid silhouette beautifully enhances hourglass figures by highlighting the bust, waist and hips, creating an elegant look with the right amount of drama! 
  • Versatility in Design: Mermaid wedding dresses come in a variety of designs, fabrics and details, allowing brides to choose a style that suits their personal taste and wedding theme. 
  • Complements Different Venues: Mermaid dresses can be versatile and pair beautifully with various wedding venues and vibes, such as a gorgeous garden party or an elegant indoor celebration. 

Our True Crew can’t get enough of these six stunning mermaid wedding dresses! Check them out for some mermaid flair on your special day.

Lace Mermaid Wedding Dress 

bride wearing sparkly mermaid wedding dress
bride standing on a staircase wearing sparkly mermaid wedding dress

Essense of Australia Style D3372 

Prepare to be captivated by Style D3372, the epitome of romance for the modern bride. This mermaid wedding dress is designed to embrace your curves with a defined bust cup and contoured seaming, ensuring a flattering and comfortable fit that will make your heart flutter. With its delicate spaghetti straps and a mesmerizing sweetheart neckline, this mermaid gown exudes elegance and grace. The exquisite floral lace, adorned with sparkling sequins, creates a dreamy and textured effect that will leave you feeling like a true princess.  

As you glide down the aisle, the scalloped edges along the train add a touch of classic charm, beautifully complementing the modern floral motifs. Style D3372 is the embodiment of romance, enchanting both you and your guests with its timeless beauty. 

High Fashion Mermaid Wedding Dress 

Close up of bride wearing a off the shoulder mermaid wedding dress
Back up of bride wearing a off the shoulder mermaid wedding dress

Martina Liana Luxe Style LE1135 

Martina Liana Luxe Style LE1135 is the ultimate showstopper for the high-fashion bride. This mermaid wedding gown features an ultra-modern silhouette with a defined bustline and sleek curves. Cascading floral lace appliques with 3D texture adorn the body and trumpet skirt, creating a breathtaking and glamorous look. With versatile color options, including a modern beige twist or classic white, this dress offers a stunning choice for every bride.  

For an extra touch of romance, consider the optional long sleeves adorned with delicate sparkling floral appliques. Make a statement on your special day with Style LE1135, the perfect blend of glamour and romance in a stunning mermaid wedding dress. 

Off-the-Shoulder Mermaid Wedding Dress 

Martina Liana Style 1362  

Martina Liana Style 1362 is the epitome of romance with its opulent lace and high-fashion twist on the classic sheath silhouette. This stunning mermaid wedding dress features intricate lace patterns and top-quality fabrics that will make you feel like a true bride-to-be. The bodice is adorned with swirling lace, sculpting your bustline and adding a touch of allure with its plunging neckline and sheer elements.  

The sleek crepe fabric effortlessly contours to your natural curves, creating a flattering and flirty look. The detachable train steals the show with its lace appliques and scalloped hem. Get ready to turn heads and feel like a princess on your special day. 

Strapless Mermaid Wedding Dress 

Stella York Style 7099 

Get ready to turn heads and steal hearts with Stella York Style 7099. This fit-and-flare gown takes the mermaid look to a whole new level of flirty sophistication. The simple yet elegant silhouette is the ideal choice for the modern bride who wants to make a statement.  

The straight-across, strapless neckline adds an elegant touch, while the banded pleat detail adds a pop of fresh texture and classic charm. The matte Mikado fabric gives this dress a regal and effortlessly modern look that will make you feel like royalty on your special day.  

Signature seaming runs gracefully over the figure, enhancing your curves and creating a show-stopping effect. With its fabric-covered buttons and zipper closure, this stunning mermaid affair combines practicality with style. 

Plus Size Mermaid Wedding Dress 

Bride wearing plus size wedding dress with long off the shoulder sleeves
Back of of plus size wedding dress with long off the shoulder sleeves

Essense of Australia Style D3315+ 

Get ready to steal the show with Style D3315, a truly classic mermaid look for the modern bride. This plus-size mermaid wedding dress is adorned with head-to-toe graphic lace and shimmering beadwork.  It’s sure to add subtle sparkle and unforgettable elegance to your special day.  

The defined bustline of this gown provides unmatched fit and support, while the illusion tulle ensures all-day comfort. The beautifully embellished bodice with swirling laces creates an oh-so-glamorous look and the Chantilly lace underneath adds a textured and ultra-romantic touch.  

The long sleeves of this plus-size wedding gown give it a vintage feel and the fabric-covered buttons at the cuff pay homage to classic bridal details. From the frothy, flowing skirt to the lace-lined train, this gown is designed to wow. 

Long Sleeve Mermaid Wedding Dress 

Bride wearing a long sleeve lace wedding dress
Back of bride wearing a long sleeve mermaid wedding dress

Stella York Style 7491 

Step into a world of lace enchantment with Style 7491, the ultimate long-sleeve lace mermaid wedding dress with a captivating long train. This gown is a modern twist on a timeless classic, turning your luscious lace dreams into reality. Prepare to be mesmerized as darling floral lace patterns adorn the bodice, while sequins and layered details add a touch of sparkle and dimension.  

The long sleeves are a masterpiece of intricate lace motifs and illusion tulle, creating an ethereal effect that makes the lace appear to float effortlessly along your skin. Below the hips, layers of tulle flare out, creating a truly magnificent skirt that’s destined for twirling the night away. Style 7491 is the epitome of elegance and charm, capturing the essence of a modern bride who wants to leave a lasting impression. 

What Body Type works with Mermaid Wedding Dresses? 

Mermaid wedding dresses flatter brides with hourglass figures, as the silhouette beautifully highlights their natural shape. However, it’s all about your personal preference! Remember, it’s always a good idea to consult with your bridal stylist to find your dream mermaid wedding dress that makes you feel confident and beautiful on your special day. 

Book an appointment to find trending mermaid wedding dresses at your nearest True Society store. Our True Crew can’t wait to help you find your dream mermaid wedding dress! Selection varies by store.  

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