Off the Rack Appointments At True Society By Belle Vogue Bridal Kansas City
Off the Rack Appointments At True Society By Belle Vogue Bridal Kansas City

Off-the-Rack Wedding Dresses

We totally get it. Sometimes, love can’t wait. And neither can your dream dress! 

That’s why True Society offers an aisle-ready selection of off-the-rack wedding dress ready to try on, say yes and take home the same day!   

Whether you’re getting married in three months, next week or even tomorrow, we’ve got you. With off-the-rack wedding dress shopping, you can find a designer gown at a seriously good price. How serious? Up to half off! 

To get started, book a 1 hour and 30-minute off-the-rack bridal appointment with a member of our True Crew — AKA one of our expert bridal stylists! Your stylist will help you choose an off-the-rack gown that speaks to your style, vibe and vision. It’s the same True Society wedding dress shopping experience – with an off-the-rack twist! 

Appointments are required, so book yours now and get ready for all the happy tears, hugs and “yes” moments.  

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Please note: Sizes and styles may vary.

Off the Rack Appointments At True Society By Belle Vogue Bridal Kansas City

The Ultimate Bridal Experience

Go ahead, bring your besties and enjoy the True Society treatment! During your 1 hour and 30-minute off-the-rack appointment with an expert bridal stylist, shop our selection of designer gown samples, all available to take home the same day.

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Commonly Asked Questions: Off-the-Rack Wedding Dresses

Want to learn more about off-the-rack wedding gowns? Here are some commonly asked questions from brides-to-be. 

What is an off-the-rack wedding dress?

An off-the-rack wedding dress is a designer wedding gown sample, which means you can take it with you as-is the same day you purchase it. Our bridal experts recommend starting your wedding dress shopping process a year prior to your wedding, but buying off-the-rack allows you to find your dream dress on your timeline!

Why Choose Off-the-Rack Wedding Dresses?

We know choosing the perfect wedding dress is a big decision. Choosing an off-the-rack wedding dress is a great option if you need a wedding dress quickly. Our off-the-rack wedding dresses are readily available. Book an Off-the-Rack appointment at our store to find a dress you adore AND take it home the same day. Choosing an off-the-rack wedding dress is also a great cost-effective option. Planning a wedding involves numerous expenses, and we understand the importance of staying within your budget. Our off-the-rack wedding dresses are budget-friendly without compromising quality or style. You can enjoy the luxury of a designer dress up to half off, making your wedding day both beautiful and affordable.

Can you go into the store and try on off-the-rack wedding dresses without an appointment?

No, an appointment with a True Society bridal stylist is required to shop our selection of off-the-rack wedding dresses. Walk-ins are accepted if a stylist is available.

Are off-the-rack wedding dresses more affordable?

Depending on the gown, off-the-rack wedding dresses can be more affordable because they are designer samples and overstock styles. You get the same incredible quality, at up to half off the original price of the dress. 

Are off-the-rack dresses used?

Off-the-rack wedding dresses at True Society are sample gowns, so they may have been tried on previously. Our off-the-rack gowns can be taken home the same day, but alterations may be needed.

What is it called when you buy a wedding dress off the rack?

When you buy a wedding dress directly from a store’s existing inventory, it is commonly referred to as purchasing an “off-the-rack” wedding dress. These dresses are ready-made and are typically dress samples. They are available for immediate purchase, making them a convenient option for brides who have a shorter timeframe before their wedding or prefer a dress they can try on and take home immediately.

Can you return off the rack wedding dresses?

No, all off-the-rack wedding dress purchases are final sale.

Does True Society sell off-the-rack wedding dresses?

Yes, True Society stores offer a curated selection of off-the-rack wedding dresses. Simply book a 1 hour and 30-minute appointment with one of our bridal stylists and choose from designer gown samples. Please note that selection will vary by store.

If I book an off-the-rack appointment, can I try on other non-off-the-rack options?

Yes, you are welcome to try on our ready-to-order gowns as well, but many of our gowns require approximately four to six months to arrive, depending on the designer. 
Please take this into consideration when scheduling your appointment. Once your gown arrives, you should also allow six to eight weeks for alterations before the wedding. We recommend starting the wedding dress shopping process nine months to one year prior to your wedding date, so you can avoid rush fees and enjoy the experience!